jsMacs 0.0000...2

A demonstration of text editing in the browser, with the arbitrary
avoidance of useful JavaScript libraries.

    Because of unstable browser keyboard APIs, this might be broken.

You can undo and redo using C-_, and you can copy and paste text
using C-y, M-y, C-k, M-d, C-w, etc, like you do in Emacs.  It has the
usual kill ring and undo ring behavior that you'd expect.

A full list of keybindings:

C-a: moveToBeginningOfLine()
C-b: moveLeft(1)
M-b: backwardWord()
C-d: deleteRight(1)
M-d: deleteForwardWord()
C-e: moveToEndOfLine()
C-f: moveRight(1)
M-f: forwardWord()
C-k: killLine()
C-n: moveDown()
C-p: moveUp()
C-w: killRegion()
C-y: yank()
M-y: altYank()
C-_: undo()
<space>: appendLeft(" ")
<C-space>: setMark()
<backspace>: deleteLeft(1)
<C-backspace>: deleteBackwardWord()
<M-backspace>: deleteBackwardWord()
<return>: appendLeft("\n")
<delete>: C-d
<M-delete>: M-d
<left>: moveLeft(1)
<right>: moveRight(1)
<up>: moveUp()
<down>: moveDown()
<end>: moveToEndOfLine()
<home>: moveToBeginningOfLine()